A change is a breath of fresh air!

It’s now official!

Statistics are showing that all major companies that are re-branding their logos and designs are 30% more likely to gain extra business from their endeavours.

After years of the stagnant same old branding, companies have now realised that for very little outlay they are portraying their branding in a whole new light, with minor tweaks to logos or a full face lift brings a companies image up to date and to the fore-front in the domestic and commercial markets.

Eye catching imagery for branding is a must for all modern business’, with the perception of a strong growing brand. This also relates to small business, as a face lift or a slight tweak here and there can make all the difference which is contrary to the thought train from owners of SME’s that logos should stay the same forever.

Major companies such as DPD Couriers, Next, Argos, EE, SKY and many more have adopted the idea that logos and branding evolve over time and are in the mind set to push and grow their imagery. Also councils and housing associations on a national level are joining in. The same applies to local business, companies like Metcalfe’s, Northeast Customs, Smooth Vapourz, SW/J Wilson Joinery etc, are willing to embrace change and evolution.

A re-brand need not cost the earth, Small tweaks to signs, vehicles corporate or advertising material can make a massive difference and will also benefit your pocket and the general economy as well……SO NOW IS THE TIME TO START.

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